Your food & beverage and agribusiness specialist in Brazil.
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As your interface in Brazil, I can give you access to a rigorous selection of food products and ingredients in Latin America. I can act as your representative in the region, whether it is to buy or to sell. In partnership with local experts, I also offer investment opportunities in agribusiness.

MR PH... L...
88062-292 Br

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Perfumes & cosmetics 7 years Luxury goods: 9 years Food & Beverage: 9 years

Fields of practice:
Food and Beverage Industry, Sustainable agribusiness operations, Brand management and product marketing

Management teams your interventions may concern:
International Management Marketing Management

Types of interventions:
Director of Exports Brand representative/Agent Consultant: Food & Beverage, agribusiness investments in Brazil.

Training courses attended:

Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris 1981


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
Microsoft Office


Some references:
Fauchon, AlterEco, Ingredientrade, Biocoop, Naturalia, Roger Descours group.

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Consulting & trading firm specialized in agribusiness in Brazil. Based on many years of experience and a solid knowledge of the food and beverage industry in Latin America, and in particular organic agriculture in Brazil, we can bring solutions to the increasing demand for organic and health food & beverages worldwide.
As your interface in the region and in direct link with the best suppliers, we can give you access to a rigorous selection of food & beverage products in Latin America. We guarantee the procurement of high quality products meeting the strictest international standards at the right price, and through reliable supply chains. We specialize in organic and fair-trade products as well as ingredients for the food and beverage industry. If you are looking to broaden your product offering through your own brand or to enrich it with the best products of this region (sugar cane, coffee, tropical juices, citrus…) in the safest and most competitive ways, then we can definitively bring you the right solutions.

We also offer unique investment opportunities in Brazil, with the conversion of conventional agricultural land or farms into organic certified ones. We identify, prepare and accompany the certification process and advise you in the selection of crops to grow with respect to agronomic factors and commercial opportunities for organic products, both in Brazil and abroad. As such, we contribute to bring tremendous added-value to your initial investment.

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